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You will find them almost everywhere in the Netherlands, the windmills. Just get in the car or hop on the bike and it won't take long before you spot one. They differ in size, shape and structure. Some are still inhabited or even in operation, others are only there for tourists. It is definitely worthwhile checking out this particularly Dutch attraction. And don't forget to take a picture for the home front.  

Welcome to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the country of (wind)mills, tulips and bicycles. But the country is more than that. Of course you will experience all of this yourself if you decide to leave for the Netherlands. Let us give you a foretaste of the Netherlands. What is there to see and experience?  

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Tulip fields

Spring is a wonderful time to come to the Netherlands. At this time of the year, there are many spring flowers in bloom. The Dune and Bulb region in particular offers a magnificent spectacle of beautiful, colourful bulb fields. Yellow, red, purple, pink and of course orange flowers can be seen. Countless variations, shapes and colours. A visit to the bulb fields in spring is truly worthwhile.  


Cycling in the Netherlands

The most famous means of transport in the Netherlands is the bicycle. Almost everyone in the Netherlands has a bicycle. Children, young people, adults and even the elderly use this mode of transport intensively. You don't have to go out of your way to spot cyclists, because they are everywhere. And remember, cyclists in the Netherlands almost always have right of way, so take care when driving.  


Tulip festival in the Keukenhof  

Can you imagine seeing more than seven million flower bulbs in one place, carefully planted and creating beautiful shapes? You will find all this in one of the most famous gardens in Europe, the Keukenhof. A place that attracts masses of tourists every year. Even if flowers are not really your thing, this is a place you should not miss when you are in the Netherlands. 

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands

Of course you should not miss the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The beautiful authentic canals, hurried cyclists, countless cafes, pubs and, last but not least, beautiful museums full of art. There are endless possibilities in Amsterdam. It is an interesting and lively capital that has a lot to offer.  


The beach

Fancy getting a breath of fresh air? Or relaxing? There is no better place to do this than on the beach. The beach of Noordwijk is a few minutes by bike from Noordwijkerhout. With a beautiful boulevard and a wide range of beach bars, this is a wonderful place to spend a spring or warm summer day. Even in autumn or winter you can still enjoy a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream at some tents that are there all year round. And if you like walking, from Noordwijk beach, you can keep going in the direction of Katwijk aan Zee.