NWH Jobs arranges more than just the job


We think it is important that you feel at home.

So you can get to work without any worries.

Ready for your adventure in the Netherlands? Working in another country can be quite a big step. It's not always easy with a different language, culture and rules. At NWH Jobs, we know better than anyone how important it is that international employees feel at home quickly and are helped as well as possible. So we arrange not only a suitable job, but also accommodation, transport, good work clothes and, as international employees, we offer you support with various matters, such as making an appointment with a general practitioner or dentist. In addition, a Polish or English-speaking support employee is always available, 24/7. It's great that you get help with important matters in another country.

Housing employees

Huisvesting uitzendkrachten

Living in the Netherlands.

We would like you to feel at home in the Netherlands, so we also arrange a suitable home, including furnishings and inventory. We have various types of accommodations available in the region. Our accommodations are homely and clean; even in larger homes, a gardener regularly comes by to maintain the garden. In addition, as a resident, you can contact our internal coordinators, who speak Polish and English, 24/7 to discuss any points for improvement. The costs of housing are automatically deducted from the weekly salary. After all, the foundation of motivated employees is a good home.

Transportation for employees

Vervoer uitzend-kracht

Our transport takes you from your home to work and back again.

The journey to work should be smooth and safe. So NWH Jobs arranges transport for our international employees. We have various means of transport available. For example, there is a private fleet of passenger cars and vans. You can easily recognize them by the black colour with our orange logo. Do you live close to work? Then the Netherlands' most famous means of transportation is ready and waiting for you. The NWH Jobs bike or e-bike can't wait to hit the road with you.
NWH Jobs

Employees' Personal Affairs

Persoonlijke zaken uitzend-kracht

We value support and guidance.

It's important thatvarious personal matters are also well taken care of. We understand that it can be difficult to arrange these kinds of things in another country in a different language. That is why we help make an appointment with a general practitioner or dentist and provide support. At NWH Jobs, you are not alone.

CAO & salaris uitzend-kracht

Collective labour agreement & Salary

You will receive an appropriate salary

We ensure the correct remuneration according to the so-called hirer's remuneration. Every international employee receives a weekly salary. This is calculated based on the hours worked and in accordance with the applicable collective labour agreement and associated job scale. We also take out collective health insurance for our international employees. In this way you are well insured against medical costs.

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