NWH Jobs | Internationale uitzendkrachten

Meet our colleague Dominika!

NWH Jobs stands for down-to-earth, customer-focused and human. We try to put these core values into everything we do. Both to the client and our (international) colleagues. We are there for them 24/7 and find it important that they quickly feel at home in the Netherlands. This includes personal contact. We would therefore like to introduce our colleagues to you. This month it’s Dominika’s turn. She is 27 years old and comes from Poland. What does Petra do, what makes her work so enjoyable and why did she choose NWH Jobs? You can reed it here.

“I was looking for a good, honest and employee-friendly employment agency.
I found that at NWH Jobs!”

What kind of work do you do?

“I work with flowers, both in the field among the flowers and in the hall where the flowers are stored. This is mostly a lot of physical work.”

How did you end up at NWH Jobs?

“After leaving my previous employment agency in the Netherlands, I was looking for a good, honest and employee-friendly employment agency. I found that at NWH Jobs!”

Why did you choose for NWH Jobs?

“I read many good reviews from people who recommended NWH Jobs as an employment agency. In addition, I did my own research, and that’s how I ended up at NWH Jobs.”

How long have you been in the Netherlands?

“Meanwhile, I have been in the Netherlands for four years.”

What do you like most about the Netherlands?

“I like the calmness, harmony and tolerance towards other countries in the Netherlands. I also admire the fact that people here do not judge each other on how someone looks or dresses.”

What do you like and enjoy about your job?

“The optimal working hours and good working conditions make my job enjoyable.”

Do you drink tea or coffee in your coffee break? Or something else?

“I usually drink coffee.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“This depends on the weather. If the weather is nice, I usually take my bike or go rollerblading. If the weather is not so nice, I read a good book or watch a movie.”

Which Dutch habit do you find funny?

“I find it amusing to see people decorating their homes, gardens or windows with appropriate decorations when, for example, a child’s birthday or someone has graduated from their final exams.”