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Are you looking for a challenging job in the Netherlands?

You can do that via NWH Jobs

Whether it concerns seasonal work, year-round work or work for a longer period, at NWH Jobs, we ensure the right match between employee and employer. We look at your qualities and what you want to ensure a suitable job.


Jobs in diverse sectoren 

Wij kijken samen met jou naar de beste match 

NWH Jobs is actief in diverse sectoren. Van de agrarische sector, tot logistiek, productie en meer. Houd je ervan om buiten bezig te zijn en heb je groene vingers? Dan is een job in tussen de bloemen echt iets voor jou. Heb je oog voor detail en lever je kwaliteit dan is een job in de metaalbewerking of timmerindustrie wellicht de juiste match? Wij kijken graag samen met jou wat het beste werkt. Zin om aan het werk te gaan?

Jobs in various sectors

We'll look for the best match with you

NWH Jobs is active in various sectors. From the agricultural sector to the logistics industry, production and more. Do you like being outdoors, and do you have a green thumb? Then a job among the flowers is something for you. Do you have an eye for detail, and do you deliver quality? Perhaps a job in the metalworking or carpentry industry is the right match? We would be happy to work with you to see what works best. Ready to get started?



We don't just arrange a job

We think a good foundation is very important 

Are you coming to work in the Netherlands? Then we arrange not only the right job but also housing, transport and more. Why? We think it is important that you feel at home in the Netherlands. If the foundation is good, you will enjoy going to work, and our clients can count on motivated employees. Curious about what else we can arrange for you in addition to a job?

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