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We bring motivated employees and employers together

With great attention we ensure the right match

NWH Jobs is an employment agency that links motivated and enthusiastic employees to the right employer in the Netherlands at any time. It started more than 15 years ago when NWH Jobs arranged support for companies in the agricultural sector for seasonal work. The company quickly grew and more and more sectors and vacancies were added. NWH Jobs now deploys professionals at all kinds of different companies. Our operating area was originally in the Duin- en Bollenstreek, but our recognisable cars and vans full of motivated international employees can now be seen driving throughout the Netherlands. Our two offices in Kalisz and Chelm in Poland provide the first contact with international employees. Then, upon arrival in the Netherlands, our office in Noordwijkerhout takes over.


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Everything we do, we do for people

Our work revolves around people and personal contact, which is why we attach great importance to our (long-term) relationships with customers and international employees. We know we've done a good job when it works between clients and employees. We are committed to this every day, with a team of motivated and enthusiastic employees in Poland and the Netherlands.

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Krzysztof Matuszczak

manager ds. rekrutacji